On Ferguson

I have been hesitant to comment on Ferguson, MI and the Michael Brown shooting because I’m still sorting out my feelings, but when a black, affluent Facebook friend of mine posted this ….I felt compelled to comment 

You don’t think black people have anything to do with the perception America has of us as a people that encourages us to get gunned down in the streets, Yet you post:

Hood videos from world star hip hop

Ratchet random hood fights & arguments

Niggas in line fighting over Jordan’s

Unsigned hood rap artists doing drugs and free styling in video

Bullshit challenges like black people setting themselves on fire

Half naked pictures of our black women

More about love & hip hop than CNN

You #turnup in the club but you don’t:

Turn up to work on time

Turn up to vote

Turn up to class and graduate


My friend has some fair points. Blacks don’t do much to help public perception. Stereotypes of the baby mamma, deadbeat dad, reckless and rowdy teen are stereotypes for a reason. We need to turn up to work, to our kids lives, turn on to world events and local civic affairs…

But it doesn’t take away the fact that we live in a country with a deeply entrenched and pervasive hatred/ fear/ prejudice of people of color.

Yes, we need to do better, but this country also owes us better.

– soo


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