In God’s Own Time

Tonight, God called to mind this image of a fire…refining the soul, burning away the dross until only the precious metal remained. That act of refining…is actually a process of refining, I think. There are things that God is calling me to give up today, that were never spoken about before. There are ways that God is asking me to act today that will be different from tomorrow’s work, but God is always molding us into our better selves.

Everyone isn’t being asked to give up cussing or gossip…sometimes God has bigger alters he needs to topple in our lives before he can get to those seemingly minor sins…but he’s never satisfied…won’t ever be satisfied until our whole selves, every corner of our hearts are submitted.

The pockets of resistance are not in the spiritual and physical worlds alone…the good king is attacking the pockets of resistance in man’s own heart. At God’s own pace and in God’s own time, God brings to light parts of our lives that don’t measure up. It is our choice whether or not to be obedient.

– soo


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