Tell me-
When did you first learn that love was the wind
That seasons and fashions and politics would change

And so would he

That you could only trust his arms for a moment
That kisses could melt away faster than carnival day cotton candy

Sister, tell me
Who taught you that love was water,
Always looking to spill out of your clasped hands
Or evaporte into thin air

Who told told you to distrust the sound of affection?
To believe that everyone leaves in the end?

Where does this memory lie?
Who fed it until it grew so ghoulish and real?

When will you let love in?

When will you start to see that his embrace is eternal?

When will you let his words rest in the small of your back
In the pit of your stomach?

When you hear “I love you” and┬ábelieve it – no questions asked?

– soo

Let those who love you love you

Let those who love you love you
Let light shine through yonder window
Through darkened night
Into the deep and locked away place in your heart

Let those who want you have you
No more chasing after shadows of what if
Turn around
Meet the one running towards you

Let what is yours be yours
Like the timber of his voice
The soft and woody smell of his shirt that lingers
Let it warm you
Remind you that, while it may not be so all over the world,

In this corner of brick and steel

In this patch of cotton and spice

You will always be worthy of love