When I Pray

Only when I’m hungry
only when
is not really enough
you see, only when I’m hurting
only when the world crushes all of my dreams
only then do I look for you
wait on answers before I move
seek you
like those books say I should

hands clutching tightly
as it all just slips by
it’s at those times I need you
and want you by my side

but when its –
and parties to go to
warm smells of delicious
and music to dance to
people to kiss
lovers to hold on to

another year set aside for singing
when its –
arms flung open wide for loving
when dreams are all revealed to me
and destinies all fulfilled through me
when I have
more than enough even

plenty of all the right things
none of all the wrong things
when it’s all here
like I’d hoped for
I forget that you’re still in it

and you,
in silence
or in thunder, if needed
jealous lover, you call me back
reminding me that you’ve never left my side